Ep 9 – Discussing Public and Private Play

Discussing Public and Private Play:

  • Often paperwork required such as a release for the facility
  • Some venues require vetting
  • They help dispel the myth that kink is for the wealthy (Christian Grey Syndrome)
  • Meeting a diversity of people and their play styles
  • Can often be a learning environment
  • Dungeon Masters (DM)

It is important to know the rules of the venue!!

Don’t take pictures of anyone or anything without permission (again, most play parties and nearly all public dungeons ban any kind of photography). Don’t violate other people’s privacy.

“People who are outed risk losing their professional and social status; access to their children; and, in extreme cases, going to prison for having engaged in consensual adult activities in private. This raises significant civil liberties issues regarding the right to a private life, as guaranteed by law,” says Myles Jackman, an incisive, eloquent barrister who frequently advises Backlash, a campaigning group which fights for the right to freedom of sexual expression.





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