Ep 15 – Power Exchange and Sacred Sexuality

Power exchange refers to a relationship of mutual consent in which one person gives their submission in exchange for another person giving their dominance. The exchange is the power that is always inherent in dominance & submission where in which the s-type loses some degree of authority to the D-type in exchange for the D-type taking some degree of responsibility for the s-type.
All BDSM interactions between a Dom and sub normally involve some sort of power exchange. The sub consensually gives up some power to the Dom. This is different than the dynamic between a Top and Bottom.
Sacred sexuality is the combining of sexual energy and sexual acts with spirituality. In my research it can be in the form of tantra or within the context of other pagan notions. In Tantric teachings, the word sacred refers to the ‘spirit’ and sexuality refers to the ‘body.’ Sacred sex is the exchange of sexual energy that goes beyond the physical sensations of pleasure and genital orgasms.
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Guest Notes –
My wife and I co-host the internet radio show Erotic Awakening – http://www.eroticawakening.com/podcast/ , an exploration of all things erotic.
Beyond The Love
Together with @dansarani and significant other @spclkaye we are putting together a one of a kind 3 day event focused on polyamorous relationships called Beyond The Love – http://beyondthelove.org/ .
Power eXchange Summit
I am happy to be one of the co-directors of the amazing Power eXchange Summit. It is a celebration of all power exchange relationships. Presenters who actually live what they teach; entertainment; social spaces; more!
Power Exchange Summit – http://www.powerexchangesummit.org/
Living M/s
My wife and I are the authors of a couple of books Living M/s: A book for Masters and slaves and their relationships and Sex, Stories, and Power Exchange
We are also fortunate to be able to travel and do a variety of presentations, for BDSM/Ds and Sacred Sexuality groups.
@dansarani and I are the founders of the sacred sexuality group, Path of the Qadishti and, along with the beautiful @spclkaye run the Scarlet Sanctuary events in Ohio locations.
We are proud to have been the 2010 Great Lakes Master & slave.
Finally, I am also the administrator of Open Sangha, a gathering for Buddhist and people interested in Buddhism.